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How To Search For Profiles

Quickly and easily find a specific profile within any architectural category.

All of our profiles in the E. F. San Juan Master Profile Collection are purposefully divided into specific architectural categories. Each architectural category showcases the profiles within that category as a single scrolling page. To locate any specific profile, you can use the search and find utility available within your web browser by following the directions outlined below.






Important!  For best results exploring our website and the E. F. San Juan Master Profile Collection, we strongly suggest that you use the current version of the Chrome WEB browser.

How To Search For Profiles Within Your Web Browser

To “search” for a specific profile you should first navigate to the specific architectural profile category page of your choice, such as Crowns, Bases, Chair Rails, etc. Once you have the correct category page open, please use your keyboard to press both the  “Control with PC” or “Command on Mac” and the letter “ f ” at the same time. You should notice a small search window has opened in the top right portion of your browser window.  This browser search window should look similar to the example shown below.

The New SEARCH window will open and look similar to this

Enter The Profile Number/Code You Need To Locate

Once you have the browser search window available you can enter the unique profile number/code to quickly jump directly to the profile located on the scrolling category page. You should also notice that the profile will show the profile number highlighted to help you quickly navigate to the profile, as shown in the example below.

Enter the profile/code into the search field.

Have Questions About The E. F. San Juan Master Profile Collection?

If you are having challenges finding a specific architectural profile in the E. F. San Juan Master Profile Collection, we want to help. Please contact your E. F. San Juan representative or contact us today by phone at ( 1-850-722-4830 ). You can also send us a
question/request via email directly by going to CONTACT so we can support your requests as soon as possible.